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World Water Day 2023 || Why is it observed?
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World Water Day 2023 || Why is it observed?

  • March 22, 2023

World Water Day

Another Name for water is life.  This name is correct as we humans cannot survive even a day without water. Similarly, no other animal, dog, cat, or bird can live without water. But many people cannot appreciate water because it is so easily available.  Water is being wasted in many ways.  In many places, it is seen that water is continuously falling from the water tap, but people do not close the tap even when they see it. There are many areas where municipal water taps are broken at will and this is of course due to people's ignorance. We, humans, use water indiscriminately.  In the future, drinking water will become more expensive than gold.  Still, we have to buy and drink water but doubt how pure it is !!

The amount of underground water is decreasing day by day. Earth is three parts water and one part land in which the amount of drinking water is very low so we have to be aware to save water. As a result, the damage to crops can be terrible.

•Global warming is responsible for water scarcity. About 450 million children live in high or very high water vulnerability areas.  This means they do not have enough water to meet their daily needs.

• Water pollution increases the risk of diseases such as cholera and typhoid to which children are particularly vulnerable. Rising temperatures can introduce deadly pathogens into freshwater sources, making the water unsafe for humans to drink.

World Water Day is celebrated on March 22 every year. The aim of observing this day is to raise awareness about water. The first World Water Day was celebrated in 1992. The issue was adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. World Water Day is celebrated every year since then. It aims to increase public awareness about the importance of clean water. Each year a theme is specified by IGRAC.

What To Do For The Next Day

• A lot of trees should be planted.  There is no alternative. But in this case, intelligence should be introduced.  

• Chemicals should not be used on the land.

• Care must be taken when washing or drying clothes. Groundwater should not be pumped like a fool.

World Water Day Theme 2023

The theme for World Water Day 2023 is "Accelerating the change to solve the water and sanitation crisis." The theme emphasizes the requirement for stern action to protect the world from the water crisis. Addressing the issue, the UN said, "Billions of people and countless schools, businesses, healthcare centers, farms, and factories don't have the safe water and toilets they need. There is an urgent need to accelerate change.

According to the United Nations, the goal of this Water Day is to provide clean drinking water and sanitation for all by 2030. The level of clean water is decreasing due to global warming, climate change, and waste of drinking water. This special day is celebrated to keep the water level correct. This day aims to raise awareness about water everywhere.

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