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Top 5 Hospitals in South India:  Best Hospitals in South India, you Need to Know
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Top 5 Hospitals in South India: Best Hospitals in South India, you Need to Know

  • April 10, 2024

Best 5 Hospitals in South India -- 

Among numerous Hospitals in South India, it feels quite confusing to choose the best one, that's why In this article,

Hope this will be helpful to you. 

   Discover the best hospitals in South India, renowned for their advanced medical care and top-notch facilities. Explore our list of the top 5 hospitals, including the biggest and most prestigious healthcare centers. Whether you're seeking the best hospital in South India or simply looking for hospitals in the region, our comprehensive guide has you covered. we are going to mention the Best 5 Hospitals in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Tamil Nadu (South India) along with their Pros and Cons according to our Research.




When it comes to Better treatment Opportunities we always rush toward South India. Bengaluru and Chennai become our First Priority. 

In the state of Tamil Nadu itself, we have 4 Famous Hospitals. People blindly trust them for years. But among these Hospitals which one should you choose for Your Treatment? 

It Confuses us a lot of time. 

Well, to get rid of this Confusion, Read the Whole article. 

We promise You that after going through this article you will have a clear understanding of which Hospital You should choose for your Better treatment. 


1. Apollo Hospital – 

One of the Best known Hospitals in Chennai is Apollo Hospital. The Hospital is equipped with Modern Technologies and Treatments along with Highly Professional Doctors. 

But the Treatment Cost of Apollo Hospital, Chennai is too much higher. 

Filled with High Professional Doctors, Nurses, and Staff, the Treatment Procedure takes much less time than any other Hospital in South India. Hence, if You want to have Great treatment in less time then You must Come here. The Only con is that the Treatment Cost in Apollo Hospital, Chennai is much higher compared to any other Hospital. 


Location -

Apollo Hospital, Chennai is just 4 km from the Central Railway Station and only 3 km away from Chennai Egmore Rail Station. You can easily get Train from Howrah or Sealhdah, West Bengal to reach the Location. 

Also, Apollo Hospital is located only 15 km away from the Chennai Airport.  


Address - 

Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road

21, Greams Lane, Off Greams Road, Chennai.

Pincode - 600006

Contact Number - 

+91-44-28290200 / +91-44-28293333



Where to Stay and What to Eat during Treatment in Apollo Hospital, Chennai?

When You are going to South India, You might get some language issues(rare) but You won't have any kind of Meal problems.  

There are numerous Bengali Hotels just beside the Apollo Hospital. You can get Rice and Fish Thali at an affordable rate. If You want, You can make your food by yourself also. Many Hotels Provide such facilities, You can stay there. You can hire Utensils for making Food from those Hotels. Also, You won't have any such issues regarding Language. A little bit of Hindi and English can do the Work. Various Hotels are there ranging from low to high prices. Try to Stay nearby the Hospital Area then Your Travel Cost would be saved. 


Time Required - 

1. If you have any minor health issues then you need to stay there for 8 to 10 days max. 

2. If you have any major health problem or any operation, then you require at least 20 days at hand. 


Registration - 

After entering Apollo Hospital, the first building you have on your Right Side is known as the "Sundoori Block". You need to go there for further Registration Procedures. 



2. Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre – 

If You want better treatment at a very low cost then You must go to Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Chennai. 

Compared to C.M.C Vellore, You will need much less time for Your Treatment to get completed here. 

Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre was first established in the year of 1985 at Porur, Chennai. As this Hospital is not so famous, so we rarely know about this Amazing Medical Centre.

Although the treatment Cost is so low here, then also they offer the best patient care service and treatment. Especially, the environment, technologies, and administration of the Medical Centre are highly admirable.


Location - 

Sri Ramachandra Medical Center is just located only 17 km away from the Chennai Central Railway Station. 


Address - 

Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre

No.1 Ramachandra Nagar, Porur

Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 


3. C.M.C Hospital, Vellore - 

South India is known for its Best Medical Treatment and Facilities at an affordable Cost. And C.M.C, Vellore is the number one Hospital when it comes to Excellent and Affordable Medical treatments in India. C.M.C is located in Vellore, a Small City in the state of Tamil Nadu. 

The Hospital Area is surrounded by numerous Hotels and Lodges. The Cost of staying in Hotels is also very less. If you want to do Your treatment at a Low cost along with High Professionals then C.M.C is a good Choice. But the Only con is that it takes a Long time for the treatment procedure due to the long line of patients. 


Why You should do Your treatment in C.M.C, Vellore, South India?

The Famous Hospital of India is located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. You can get globally advanced modern treatments at a very low cost in C.M.C, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. 


Location - 

From Kolkata, you need to reach Katpatti Station, if you want to go to Vellore, C.M.C. 

There is a good transport communication system to reach the Hospital. 


Address - 

Ida Scudder Road, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

Pincode - 632004

Contact Number - 0416 228 1000 


Where to Stay in Vellore, C.M.C during treatment?

You can get Hotels easily along with kitchen facilities at an affordable rate. 


4. Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre – 

If You want to have your medical treatment at Less time and Less Cost then go to Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre. This Hospital is located only 8 km away from C.M.C Hospital. Yes, though Vellore is a small City, It holds two famous Hospitals in India. 


Location - 

Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre is located just 28 km away from Katpatti Station. 


Address -  

Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre

Azad Road, Sripuram, Thirumalaikodi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

Pincode - 632055

Contact Number - 0416 220 6301 



5. Manipal Hospital -

Manipal Hospital is a well-known Hospital in Bengaluru. It is a 600 Bedded MultiSpeciality Hospital. 300 More beds will be added soon as per the Development Plan. The treatment Cost at Manipal Hospital is much less compared to Apollo Hospital, Chennai. The Hospital consists of Different Units like - the Manipal Heart Institute, Manipal Institute of Nephrology and Neurology, Manipal Institute of Neurological Disorders, Manipal Cancer Center, and so on. 


Address - 

Manipal Hospital, 98, HAL Airport road, Bangalore

Pincode - 560 017

Appointment Helpline Number - 1800 3001 4000

Contact Number - +91 80 40119000/2502 4444 




Well, that's it. 

We hope this was useful to You. 

Now Let's just summarise the whole article. 


If You have enough time and patience then our suggestion will be to go to C.M.C, Vellore. Though C.M.C offers high-class advanced treatment at an affordable cost it takes a long time starting from Doctor appointments to Patient treatment. It is sometimes boring also as You have to stand in a long queue and you have to wait in the waiting room for hours. 


Now, if you have less time and can afford then our suggestion will be to go to Appollo Hospital, Chennai. 


And if you have less time & less patience along with less money then our suggestion will be to go to Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre or Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre.

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