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St. John's Medical College Hospital
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St. John's Medical College Hospital

  • May 23, 2024

St. John's Medical College Hospital


St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences (SJNAHS) in Bengaluru, established in 1963, is a premier private institution dedicated to healthcare training and services, founded by the CBCI. Comprising a Medical College, Hospital, College of Nursing, and Research Institute, it stands on a sprawling 132-acre campus.

The institution's vision is to make quality healthcare accessible to all, especially the underserved. Their mission emphasizes education, empowerment, and compassionate service, guided by Christian values. With objectives ranging from excellence in medical education to promoting holistic health, SJNAHS is committed to upholding ethical principles and moral values.

St. John's Hospital - 

St. John's Hospital in Bangalore epitomizes excellence in medical education, integrating nursing education with service for nursing excellence. The institution fosters a culture of research in health sciences to enhance education and healthcare quality. With a commitment to service, it ensures empathy and compassion, particularly for the medically underserved, offering opportunities for medical and nursing education to the underprivileged.

Rooted in Christian values, St. John's upholds value-based education and ethics in healthcare practice. It advocates for the respect of life from conception to its natural end, promoting holistic health and wellbeing in communities. Through unwavering adherence to ethical principles and moral values, it maintains integrity in all endeavors.

Founded in 1975, St. John's Hospital has evolved into a premier healthcare facility with over 40 departments, offering comprehensive clinical services. As a tertiary-care, referral, and teaching hospital, it provides ethical and professional care across all specialties. With state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities, including laboratory-based services and imaging, it ensures accessible healthcare.

The hospital caters to diverse patient needs, offering outpatient consultations, diagnostic and therapeutic workups, and day-care facilities. Intensive care units, spanning all age groups and medical specialties, provide critical care services. Additionally, the hospital emphasizes academic excellence, with physician-teachers serving as role models for students.

Research is integral to St. John's ethos, aimed at advancing care and treatment practices without compromising patient rights. Located strategically in Bangalore, the hospital is easily accessible and serves as a major referral center for various specialties.

Key services include emergency care, critical care, childhood disability services, oncology, pain management, interventional services, geriatric care, and rehabilitation. Transfusion services and genetics diagnostics reflect the hospital's commitment to modern medical practices.

St. John's Hospital stands as a beacon of compassionate healthcare, fostering academic excellence, research, and ethical practice, while prioritizing patient welfare and community wellbeing.

To ensure a smooth admission process, follow these steps:
1. Doctor advises admission and hands over necessary documents.
2. Report to Nursing AIDE at the OP Clinic, provide consent, and correct contact details.
3. Proceed to Admission Counter 42 M 14, specifying ward/room preference.
4. Produce valid ID proof for identity verification.
5. Charges vary based on ward category; ICU/ITU charges differ accordingly.
6. Pay advance bill at Counter 45 or 19 and obtain receipt.
7. Credit patients must complete credit formalities at Counter 45 B - 8.
8. Priests/Religious individuals fill specific forms.
9. Insurance holders pay advance; balance refunded at discharge.
10. Foreign nationals submit required forms and documents.
11. Wait for staff guidance to the ward after payment.
12. Receive attendant and food passes; return them at discharge.
13. Limit visitors to visiting hours and adhere to attendant policy.



Sarjapura Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560034 (Next to Bank Of Baroda) 


 Appointment for consultations / Information on Hospital Services

email - email sjmch.infodesk@stjohns.in
 +91 080 2206 5003


Nursing Care Guidance and Issues

Mrs.Sara Oommen
Chief of Nursing Services
email - cns.sec@StJohns.in
+91 080 2206 5138


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