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Important Health Days in 2024
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Important Health Days in 2024

  • December 12, 2023

List of Important Days(Health Awareness) in 2024

In this article , we are going to provide you with the important health awareness days that are observed globally and India 2024. Hope this will be helpful to our users as well as aspirants who are appearing in competitive examination.

National and World Health Days in January 2024 -

1st Jan - New Year’s Day, Global Family Day

2nd Jan - World Introvert Day

3rd Jan - International Mind-Body Wellness Day, Festival of Sleep Day

4th Jan - World Braille Day, World Hypnotism Day

12th Jan - National Youth day

23rd Jan - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti

24th Jan - National Girl Child Day,

26th Jan - Republic Day, 

27th Jan - World Breast Pumping Day

28th Jan -  World Leprosy Day

1st - 31st Jan - Cervical Health Awareness Month 

National And World Health Days in February 2024 -

2nd Feb (FRI)  - Rheumatoid Awareness day

4th Feb (SUN) - World Cancer Day

6th Feb (TUE)  - International day against female genital mutilation

9th Feb (FRI) - Toothache Day

10th Feb (SAT) - National Deworming Day

11th (SUN)- World Day of the Sick

12th (MON) - Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness Day / International Epilepsy Day

15th Feb (THU) - International Childhood Cancer Day

28th Feb (WED)- National Science Day / Rare Disease Day

February 1-29 - Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month

February 1-29- Low Vision Awareness Month

February 1-29 - National Cancer Prevention Month

February 1-29 -National Children’s Dental Health Month

February 1-29 -National Self-Check Month

National And World Health Days in March 2024 -

3rd Mar (SUN) - World Hearing Day

4th Mar (MON) - World Obesity Day

5th Mar (TUE) - National Multiple Personality Day

8th Mar (FRI) - International Women’s Day

12th Mar (TUE) - Glaucoma Day

14th Mar (THU) - World Kidney Day

15th Mar (FRI) - World Disabled Day

16th Mar (SAT) - "Measles Immunisation Day / National Immunisation Day"

20th Mar (WED) - World Oral Health Day / The International Day of Happiness

21st Mar (THU) - World Down Syndrome Day

22th Mar (FRI) - "World Day for Water / World Sleep Day**"

24th Mar (SUN) - World Tuberculosis Day

National And World Health Days in April 2024 -

2nd Apr- World Autism Awareness Day

6th Apr National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

7th Apr  - "World Health Day "

11th Apr- World Parkinson's Disease Day

14th Apr - World Chagas Disease Day

17th Apr - "World Haemophilia Day "

19th Apr - "World Liver Day / World Irritable Bowel Syndrome Day" / Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Action Day

22th Apr - "Earth Day "

25th Apr - "World Malaria Day / DNA day"

28th Apr - World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 16-22 - Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week

April 24 - 30 World Immunization Week

April 1-30 - Alcohol Awareness Month

April 1-30 - Global Child Nutrition Month

April 1-30 - National Cancer Control Month

April 1-30 - National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 1-30 - Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April 1-30 - Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month

April 1-30 - Sports Eye Safety Month

April 1-30 - Women’s Eye Health & Safety Month

National And World Health Days in May 2024 - 

1st May WED - International Labour Day

5th May SUN - World Hand Hygiene Day

6th May MON - International No Diet Day

7th May TUE - "World Asthma Day "

8th May WED - "World Red Cross Day / World Thalassaemia Day /World Ovarian Cancer Day"

10th May FRI - World Lupus Day

12th May SUN - World Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day/International Nurses day / Mothers Day

May 13: National Women’s Checkup Day

16th May THU - National Dengue Day

17th May FRI - World Hypertension Day

18th May SAT - World AIDS Vaccine Day

19th May SUN - World Inflammatory Bowel 

Disease (IBD)

22nd May WED - World Preeclampsia Day

25th May SAT - World Thyroid Day

28th May TUE - International Women’s Health Day

29th May WED - World Digestive Health Day (WDHD)

30th May THU - World Multiple Sclerosis Day

31st May FRI - Anti-tobacco Day/World no tobacco Day.

May 13-19 - National Stuttering Awareness Week

May 1-31-  Arthritis Awareness Month

May 1-31 - Better Hearing and Speech Month

May 1-31- Better Sleep Month

May 1-31- Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

May 1-31- Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month

May 1-31- Brain Cancer Awareness Month

May 1-31- Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

May 1-31- Food Allergy Awareness Month

May 1-31- Healthy Vision Month

May 1-31- Hepatitis Awareness Month

May 1-31- High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

May 1-31- National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

May 1-31- National Osteoporosis Awareness Month

May 1-31- National Stroke Awareness Month

May 1-31 National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

National And World Health Days in June 2024 - 

2nd jun Sun - National Cancer Survivors Day

7th Jun FRI - World Food Safety Day

8th Jun SAT - World Brain Tumor Day

14th Jun FRI - World Blood Donation Day

15th Jun SAT - World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

16th Jun SUN - Father's Day

18th Jun TUE - Autistic Pride Day

19th Jun WED - World Sickle Cell Day

20th Jun THU - World Kidney Cancer Day

21th Jun FRI - International Day of Yoga

25th Jun TUE - World Vitiligo Day

26th Jun WED - International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

29th Jun SAT - Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Day

June 10-16 - Men’s Health Week

June 1-30- Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

June 1-30 - Cataract Awareness Month

June 1-30 - Men’s Health Month

June 1-30 - National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month

National & World Health Days In July 2024 -

1st Jul MON - Doctors Day (In India)

11th Jul THU - World Population Day

22nd Jul MON - World Brain Day / International brain day

24th Jul WED - International Self-care Day

25th Jul THU - World IVF Day

28th Jul SUN - World Hepatitis Day

29th Jul MON - ORS Day

July 1-31 - Cord Blood Awareness Month

July 1-31 -Healthy Vision Month

July 1-31 - National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July 1-31 - Sarcoma Awareness Month

National & World Health Days In August 2024 -

1st Aug THU - World Lung Cancer Day

12nd Aug MON - International Youth Day

13th Aug TUE - World Organ Donation Day

29th Aug THU - National Sports Day (India)

August 1-31-  Children’s Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month

August 1-31 -Gastroparesis Awareness Month

August 1-31 - National Breastfeeding Month

August 1-31 -National Eye Exam Month

August 1-31 - National Immunization Awareness Month

National & World Health Days In September 2024 -

4th Sep WED  - World Sexual Health Day

8th Sep SUN- World Physiotherapy Day

10th Sep TUE - World Suicide Prevention Day

12th Sep THU- World Oral Health Day

13th Sep FRI - World Sepsis Day

14th Sep SAT - World First Aid Day

15th Sep SUN - World Lymphoma Awareness Day

17th Sep TUE - World Patient Safety Day

21th Sep SAT - World Alzheimer’s Day, International Day of Peace, Usher Syndrome Awareness


24th Sep TUE - World Retina Day

25th Sep WED - World Lung Day

26th Sep THU - World Contraception Day

28th Sep SAT - World Rabies Day

29th Sep SUN - World Heart Day

September 1-30- Baby Safety Month

September 1-30-  Blood Cancer Awareness Month

September 1-30- Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 1-30- Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

September 1-30- Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September 1-30- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Awareness Month

September 1-30 -Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September 25- National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

National & World Health Days in October 2024 -

1st Oct TUE  - International Day for Older Persons

2nd Oct WED - National Anti Drug Addiction Day

3rd Oct THU - Virus Appreciation Day

5th Oct SAT - World Meningitis Day

6th Oct SUN- World Cerebral Palsy Day

10th Oct THU - World Mental Health Day, World Sight Day (Thursday of October Every Year)

12nd Oct SAT - World Arthritis Day

15th Oct TUE - Global Handwashing Day

16th Oct WED - World Food Day, World Spine Day, World Anasthesia Day

17th Oct THU - World Trauma Day

19th Oct SAT - World Paediatric Bone and Joint Day

20th Oct SUN - World Osteoporosis Day

21st Oct MON - World Iodine Deficiency Day

22nd Oct TUE-  International Stuttering Awareness Day

24th Oct THU - World Polio Day

26th Oct SAT - World Obesity Day

29th Oct TUE - World Stroke Day

30th Oct WED - World Thrift Day

October 1-31- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1-31- Contact Lens Safety Month

October 1-31- Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October 1-31- Eye Injury Prevention Month

October 1-31- Liver Cancer Awareness Month

National & World Health Days in November 2024 -

7th Nov THU - National Cancer Awareness Day

8th Nov FRI-  World Radiography Day

10th Nov SUN - World Immunisation Day / World Keratoconus Day

12th Nov TUE - World Pneumonia Day 

14th Nov THU - World Diabetes Day, Children’s Day

17th Nov SUN - World Prematurity Day

18th Nov MON- World Epilepsy Day

19th Nov TUE - International Men’s Day

20th Nov WED - Universal Children’s Day, World COPD Day (3rd Wednesday)

21st Nov THU - World Pancreatic Cancer Day (3rd Thursday)

25th Nov MON - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

November 1-30 - COPD Awareness Month

November 1-30 - Diabetic Eye Disease Month

November 1-30 - Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

November 1-30 - Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November 1-30 - National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

November 1-30 - National Diabetes Month

November 1-30 - National Epilepsy Awareness Month

November 1-30 - Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November 1-30 - Prematurity Awareness Month

National & World Health Days In  December 2024 - 

1st Dec SUN - World AIDS Day

2nd Dec MON - National Pollution Prevention Day

3rd Dec TUE - International Day of Disabled Persons

1018th Dec TUE - Human Rights Day

1218th Dec THU - Universal Health Coverage Day

18th Dec WED - International Migrants Day

December 2-8 - National Handwashing Awareness Week






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