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Hosmat Hospital | Address| Appointment Procedure | Treatment Cost
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Hosmat Hospital | Address| Appointment Procedure | Treatment Cost

  • July 06, 2023

Hosmat Hospital

Bangalore Hosmat is one of the largest orthopedic hospitals in India. In the treatment of any bone problem or disease, be it sports medicine or trauma care, this hospital is at the forefront. Dr. Thomas A. Chandy established Hosmat Hospital in 2002. In 2005, the hospital was expanded on the land of the old ITI College. Newly launched outdoor and indoor.

Address: Hosmat Hospital / 45 Magrath Road Bangalore 560025 / Karnataka.

Phone : (080) 2559 - 3796 / 2555 - 2222 / 


Web: www.hasmathospitals.com

Email: info@hasmathospital.com And mail@hasmatnet.com

Registration and Appointment 

Appointments cannot be made by phone at Hosmat Hospital, everything is done online.  After that, a form will come in which the patient has to write all the information on the phone, email the chosen date and time for the appointment, and submit it within 24 hours. The appointment is confirmed by mail and message from the hospital. After reaching the hospital on the specified day, the mail or message will be seen.

The outdoor opening is from 9 am to 7 pm Saturday. 500 Rs to be paid for seeing a doctor outside.

Hosmat Hospital Treatment cost :

• Vascular surgery general ward - 83 thousand Rs

• Vascular surgery semi-private ward - 90 thousand Rs

• Vascular surgery single bed ward 1 lakh 11 thousand Rs 

• Vascular Surgery Single Bed Deluxe 1 Lakh 25 Thousand Rs

• Hip Replacement Suite 3 Lakh Rs

• Hip Replacement General Ward 1 Lakh 80 Thousand 

• Hip Replacement Semi Private Ward 2 Lakh 12 Thousand.  

• Hip replacement private ward 2 lakh 40 thousand 

• Knee Replacement Unilateral 2 Lakh Rs

• Knee Replacement Bilateral 4 Lakh Rs

• MRI 2500 to 8000 Rs

• Other Test Cost  260 to 8 thousand 800 Rs

At the time of admission to the Hosmat Hospital, the patient is given the exact amount of money that can be spent on treatment. Operation bed rental is included in the calculation of expenses mentioned here. But everything is approximate. The full cost amount is known after the treatment is completed.

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