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Fortis Hospital Anandapur, Kolkata - A Beacon of Hope in Healthcare
On the Top

Fortis Hospital Anandapur, Kolkata - A Beacon of Hope in Healthcare

  • May 06, 2024

 Fortis Hospital Anandapur, Kolkata

Fortis Healthcare Limited, a part of the prestigious IHH Healthcare Berhad Company, stands as a beacon of excellence in integrated healthcare services in India. With a strong presence across 28 healthcare facilities, including Fortis Kolkata, this leading healthcare organization is renowned for its commitment to clinical excellence and patient-centric care.

Established as one of the largest healthcare organizations in India, Fortis Healthcare boasts over 4,500 operational beds across its facilities, including cutting-edge O&M facilities. The company's reach extends beyond India, with a footprint in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nepal, and Sri Lanka, making it a truly global healthcare provider.

Listed on the BSE Ltd and National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India, Fortis Healthcare draws strength from its partnership with IHH, a global major in healthcare. This partnership enhances Fortis's ability to deliver world-class patient care and clinical excellence.

Fortis Healthcare's commitment to excellence is reflected in its mission and vision. The organization's vision is to create a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, combining the finest medical skills with compassionate patient care. Its mission is to be a globally respected healthcare organization known for clinical excellence and distinctive patient care.

Admission Process 

The admission process at Fortis Healthcare is seamless and patient-friendly. The front office staff assist patients during the admission process, generating a Unique Identification Number (UID) for each patient. All medical records are meticulously maintained and stored for future reference. Patients are guided in selecting the relevant category of room, and an estimate is drawn out to provide transparency in billing.

For those seeking a cashless route, Fortis Healthcare has dedicated insurance desks and TPA desks to facilitate hospitalization. The advance payment made at the time of admission is adjusted against the final bill at the time of discharge. Patients are escorted to their allotted room/bed, where they are made to feel comfortable and cared for.

Fortis Kolkata, in particular, is renowned for its world-class medical staff and state-of-the-art facilities. The hospital is home to some of the most renowned doctors in Kolkata, including Dr. Rajesh Benny, known for his expertise in kidney care. Fortis Kolkata is also recognized for its research institute, contributing significantly to medical advancements and patient care.

In conclusion, Fortis Healthcare's commitment to excellence, coupled with its global standards of healthcare, makes it a trusted name in the healthcare industry. Whether in Kolkata or any other part of the country, Fortis Healthcare stands as a symbol of clinical excellence and compassionate patient care, striving to be the world's most trusted healthcare network.

Fortis Institute of Robotic Surgery offers a revolutionary approach to minimally invasive surgery, providing patients with a better and safer option for a range of procedures. Unlike traditional laparoscopic surgery, robotic-assisted surgery offers enhanced precision, 3D vision, and intuitive movements of surgical instruments, resulting in smaller incisions, less blood loss, faster recovery, and reduced pain.

During robotic surgery, a surgeon controls the robotic arms from a nearby console, allowing for greater control, maneuverability, and accuracy. The robotic system, consisting of a console, robotic arms, and a side-cart, is not programmable and does not make decisions on its own. The entire process is controlled by the expert surgeon, who undergoes specialized training and certification to operate the robot effectively.

The benefits of robotic surgery are numerous, including reduced pain and discomfort, lesser blood loss, lower risk of infections, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery, enabling patients to return to their normal lifestyle sooner. However, the decision to undergo robotic-assisted surgery should be made in consultation with a doctor, who can determine if it is the right option based on the patient's clinical indication. Patients and doctors should review all available information on both surgical and non-surgical options to make an informed decision about their healthcare.



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