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Experience Unmatched Eye Care at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai
On the Top

Experience Unmatched Eye Care at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

  • July 25, 2023

                                     Shankar Nethralaya

The name "Sankara Nethralaya" reflects the institution's commitment to providing care that is akin to a Temple for the eyes. With over 1000 employees and the capacity to serve around 1500 patients daily, Sankara Nethralaya is a beacon of hope for those seeking quality eye care. 

   Sankara Nethralaya's impact extends beyond its walls, with over 100 surgeries performed daily and an annual revenue close to US$100 million. These numbers reflect the institution's dedication to improving the lives of those affected by eye ailments.

Address - Sankar Nethralaya Main Campus 41 No. College Road, Chennai 600006.  Tamil Nadu. 

Phone : (044)42227150, 28271616.

Website: www.sankarnetralaya.org

Email - mrf@snmail.org

Appointment: appoentments@snmail.org

Incidentally, a branch of Shankar Nethralaya has been opened in Kolkata where all kinds of Eye treatments are available. Their address is :

1. Shankar Nethralaya, Plot No. DJ 16, Premises No. 25 - 333, Action Area 16, Newtown, Kolkata 700156.  Phone: (033) 66576000.
2. Shankar Nethralaya, No. 10 Raja Subodh Mallick Square, Kolkata 70013.  Phone 9903059720.
3. Shankar Netralaya, 147, 1 Mukundapur EM Bypass, Kolkata 700099. Phone: 66576000.

Apart from this, there are five branches of Shankar Nethralaya in Chennai alone, and there are two branches in Tirupati and Sricity.  Appointment can be taken by sending mail to Shankar Netralaya - aforesaid email.  It is mandatory to have a pictorial identification card with the patients coming to the hospital. To take advantage of the treatment, all the documents related to the treatment must be submitted to the hospital at least 48 hours in advance.

Contact Ms. Yasmin Begum (Chennai) at 9383572112 for any queries related to eye surgery.

Srimanti Chatterjee in Kolkata 9903969415

Operation and Other Expenses : 

Cataract Operation (1) Foldable Swadeshi Lens 10 thousand Rs .  (2) Non Foldable Swadeshi Lens 5000 Rs. (3) Daycare charge 4000 to 10000 Rs. OPD consultation Rs.500.  (4) Squint eye surgery 30 thousand Rs .  (5) Glaucoma operation 18500 Rs.  LASIK operation 21 thousand 100-43 thousand Rs.

How to Go 

Howrah Satragachi to Chennai trains are

 * Shalimar-Chennai Central Express on Tuesdays at 12:20 minutes. 

* Kormandal Express daily at 15:20 minutes. 

* Chennai Mail daily 23:55 Min. 

* Satragachi Chennai Egmore Monday at 18:00 minutes. 

* Satragachi Chennai Central Tuesday, Friday 18:00 min

* Howrah Chennai Egmore Sunday to Thursday 17:40 minutes 

* Howrah Kanyakumari Express Mon 16:15 minutes.

Where to Stay

Central Lodge Deluxe 42053383, 

SR Residency 25615471

Hotel Himalaya 28547568

Central Residency 25612565

Metro Tower 25354301 

Palace Lodge 28190687

Venus Lodge  28585445

Bengal Mansion 28549204

Bengal Association 28340554 

Thangam Lodge ( 25611625 / 1465 )

Shri Raghavendra 28254278

Udipi Home 28191515 

Tourist Home 28194679

Hotel Regent 28191347 

Hotel Guru 28554057

The rent of these hotels is between Rupees 1050 to Rupees 2500.


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