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Desun Hospital : Pioneering Super specialty Healthcare in Kolkata
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Desun Hospital : Pioneering Super specialty Healthcare in Kolkata

  • April 22, 2024



Desun Hospital, the first Superspeciality hospital in the Kolkata region, stands as a beacon of hope and healing, embodying a commitment to providing unparalleled healthcare services to all. With a mission to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable, Desun Hospital combines advanced technology with a human touch, ensuring that every patient receives the highest standards of care.

One of the distinguishing features of Desun Hospital is its approach to angioplasty procedures, where the majority are performed radially (through the wrist). This approach not only reduces pain and the risk of infection but also shortens hospital stays. Desun Hospital offers competitive packages for angioplasty and hospital stays, making quality healthcare more affordable for all.

Desun Hospital takes pride in its 24x7 availability of a team of specialist doctors and surgeons under one roof, ensuring prompt and comprehensive treatment for patients. This integrated approach to patient care extends from consultation to diagnosis, surgery, and post-operative care, providing a seamless experience for patients and leading to quicker recovery times.

The hospital offers a wide range of services, including endocrinology & diabetology, respiratory medicine, physiotherapy, orthopaedics, general & laparoscopic surgery, dentistry, urology, cardiac surgery, and neurosurgery. This comprehensive approach to healthcare ensures that patients receive holistic care that addresses their specific needs.

Located in Kolkata, Desun Hospital is easily accessible to patients from across the region. Its central location makes it convenient for patients to access high-quality healthcare services without having to travel long distances.

At Desun Hospital, every patient is treated with compassion, dignity, and respect. The hospital's commitment to excellence in healthcare is evident in its approach to patient care, its use of advanced technology, and its focus on affordability and accessibility.

In conclusion, Desun Hospital Kolkata is more than just a healthcare facility; it is a sanctuary of hope where the pursuit of wellness is a right, not a privilege. With its unwavering commitment to delivering healthcare with compassion and excellence, Desun Hospital is truly a beacon of hope for the community it serves.




Ambulance Pick Up Service 24x7, Anytime, Anywhere

24 Hrs Specialist Doctors

One Life Saving Ventilator for each ICU Bed

Burns Unit

24 Hours Diagnostics

DESUN’s Pharmacy



Desun More, Kasba Golpark, EM Bypass Kolkata- 700107, India


  • Ambulance Service: (+91) 90 5171 5171
  • 24 Hr. Emergency Admission Number: (+91) 90 5171 5171
  • Surgery Package Queries: (+91) 90 5171 5171
  • Health Check Up And Other Queries: (+91) 90 5171 5171
  • Email: desun@desunhospital.com
  • Website (Kolkata): www.desunhospital.com
  • Website (Siliguri): www.desunsiliguri.com


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