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Comprehensive Healthcare at Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre Vellore: Experience World-Class Healthcare, Online Appointment, Address and Contact numbers
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Comprehensive Healthcare at Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre Vellore: Experience World-Class Healthcare, Online Appointment, Address and Contact numbers

  • June 21, 2023

Sri Narayani Hospital And Research Centre

The construction of Narayani Hospital founded by Shri Shakti Amma started on 22nd March 2004. In 2006 the hospital was inaugurated by the late former President APJ Abdul Kalam. The purpose of the hospital is to provide free treatment to poor people who are backward in society. Free their medicine, food, and follow-up.

Address - Narayani Hospital & Research Center Sripuram / Thirumalaikkodi / Vellore - 632055

Phone ⏩ 0416-2206300 / 2206378 / 9952416821 and 7358387148.

Web: www.srhrc.org

Email: info@snhrc.org & mhc@snhrc.org

Due to the relatively less crowd here, you can make an appointment by reaching the hospital or you can make an online appointment by logging on to the hospital website and after reaching the hospital on the appointed day, you have to register for the outdoor show. Registration fee 100Rs. OPD consultation fee is 600 Rs for the first time and, 400 Rs for the next check-up. 

After seeing the doctor outside, if necessary, he recommends admission. Admission is taken in the C block of the hospital from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Admission is taken only on SundaysOutdoor Outdoor is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm when recommending admission the estimated cost of treatment is given at the time of admission at least 70 percent of the total cost must be deposited in advance at Narayani Hospital General Ward 800 taka semi-private 3000 rupees. deluxe 35005 Rs. The estimated cost of treatment here is two to two and a half lakh Rs for open heart surgery. Ang diagram 11 thousand to 15 thousand Rs 

AngioPlasty 1 to 1.5 lakh Rs Whole body checkup 5 to 6000 Rs along with other incidental expenses during the hospitalization of the patient will be added.

At the time of registration in Narayani Hospital, it is mandatory to carry any government photo ID, moreover, it is better to carry all the documents of the treatment and tests done before coming here.

With a commitment to providing exceptional medical care, the hospital boasts a comprehensive list of experienced doctors across various specialties.

How to go

CMC Vellore or Narayani No matter where you go there is no direct train or air connection, if you go by train you have to get down at Katpadi Junction or Chennai station. Go by plane and get off at Chennai airport. You have to come from Chennai station or the airport at Koyambedu bus stand from there you can get a bus to Vellore Distance from Chennai to Vellore is 150 km From Chennai you can hire a car and go by train Get down at Katpadi Junction From there the distance to Vellore is 6 km Auto Toto or city bus is available, outside Katpadi Station.

Some of the trains from Howrah to Katpadi are Howrah Yesvantpur AC Express on Monday / Howrah Yesvantpur Humsafar Express on Tuesday / Santragachi Mangalore Central Howrah Mysore Express on Friday / Howrah Ernakulam Antyodaya Express Saturday / Howrah Yesvantpur Express runs daily / Howrah Puducherry Express Besides some trains from Guwahati, Silchar, Agartala, etc. go to Howrah Katpadi.

Where to Stay

CMC Vellore for those who have to stay for a long time for treatment, there is accommodation in CMC Annex at Sathuvachari, each with a double bedroom and attached bath, but the demand for rooms here is very high, so if you want to stay in CMC Annex, you have to apply at least six weeks in advance. The letter should be written to Manager / CMC N Annex (Town Campus) CMC - Vellore - 632004. Phone 0416- 2253946 / 2255736।

For very poor people there is the provision of low-cost or subsidized accommodation by CMC authorities. For this accommodation on the east side of the CMC Town Campus, email the Public Relations Department. 

Email- pro@cmcvellore.ac.in

Some of the hotels near CMC Hospital are Hotel SMS Grand Inn Hotel Green Park, Hotel Sriannarathna, SGRT Residency, Jayakrishna Manson, Babu Naidu Residency, Shankar Lingam Residency, Palm Tree Hotel, Jayalingam Residency. Their double bed is between 650 and 2835 Rs. These include spot bookings. Online booking can be done by typing the name of the hotel on the net. CMC distance from the hotels is between 0.9 to 1.8 km.

Karnataka once had a reputation for taking care of mental health. After the fall of Tipu Sultan to the British in the 18th century, the power changed hands and the ruling power went to the Wadeya clan. But a group of English soldiers under British Commissioner Mark Kubban remained there. During the time of Kubban, the health infrastructure in the region improved greatly, and many hospitals and health centers were built for the treatment of the British Indian army and common people. For example, in 1847, a 50-bed Lunatic Asylum was established, in 1914, the number of beds increased to 100.

In 1914, the Maharaja of Mysore donated 100 acres of land for the construction of a mental hospital. Mysore State Mental Hospital was established in 1936. Since 1938, the Bangalore State Government-run Mental Hospital was treating mental illness. In 1974, those hospitals merged and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS) was born.

Address: National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience Hosur Road / Bangalore 560029 / Karnataka.

Phone- (080) 26995001/ 5002. 26995000.  

OPD Appointment (080) 26995530 / 26972230 

Web - www.nimhans.ac.in

Email- ma@nimhans.ac.in


Director - Dr. Pratima Murthy dirstaff@nimhans.ac.in



Appointments can be made over the phone at Nimans or through the patient portal by logging on to the website, but remember that the patient must have an active mobile number and only one appointment can be made in a day. As per the appointment, you have to reach the hospital on the specified date and time. For more information, contact 8249725930.

Hospital and OPD booking is done on Monday And Thursday mornings from 8 am to 11:30 am Themaintainn OPD hall G13 number registration will be in room no. 201 3NO. counter Hall number 2 has an OPD screening block. New Patient OPD Registration Charge 20 Rs / Follow-up OPD charge 20Rs / OPD screening Slip Fee 20 Rs / Counseling Charge 100 Rs.

Inpatient Service 

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Department 

Adolescent Psychiatric Center Double Bed Ward 500 Taka General Ward100 High-Intensityensity Ward 100 to 1000 Rs / Single Bed Ward 1000 Rs / Pediatric Psychiatry Ward 50 Rs to 300 Rs / Post Addiction Medicine Deluxe Ward 1000 Rs / General 50 Rs / ICU 100 Rs single bed 300 Rs / double bed 150 Rs / triple bed 125 Rs / 6 bed 75 Rs

Neurology & Neuro Emergency Block

Casualty priority ward 50 Rs / ICU 650 Rs / Short Stay 50R.

Neuro Center Block - Deluxe Room 2500 Rs Head Injury Ward 50 Rs.

Besides, there are many other categories and wards of different categories. The daily rent of almost all the wards is between Rs 50 to Rs 1000. The cost of various tests is Rs 200 to Rs de.

Where to Stay

To stay very close to Nimhans, there is Lakshmi Mittal Guest House, rent 125 to 200 Rs, edeposit1000 to 250 to 2000 Rs 

Phone 080-22762052 

Infosys Foundation Dharamshala - Rent 400 Rs per day. 4000 rupees must be deposited. Their dormitory rent is 20 Rs per day. Phone (080) 26995755.




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