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CMC Vellore Online Booking Process, New & Old Patient Appointments, Address & Contact Number
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CMC Vellore Online Booking Process, New & Old Patient Appointments, Address & Contact Number

  • June 11, 2023

CMC Vellore Address, Online Appointment, Admission Procedure 


In 1880 schoolgirl Idasophia Scudder came to South India from America to meet her parents. On one occasion, one night, he was asked whether he could help a pregnant mother with three children from different families. Ida could not do anything because there was no training in that regard. The next morning Ida found out that the three women had died. She feels that God has challenged him by calling him to treat the people of India, especially women, and children. Ida returned to America in 1899 and graduated from Cornell University Medical College, then returned to India in 1900 to open a one-bed clinic in Vellore. After exactly 2 years in 1902, she built a hospital with 40 beds. The building where the Ophthalmology Department of CMC is currently running, the hospital that was born in 1900 with a single bed, has crossed the century and today is a huge forest with 144 specialized departments spread across branches.


Address and Required Information 

Christian Medical College Hospital (CMCH) Ida Scudder Road / Vellore / 632004 Tamil Nadu.

Main Inquiry (0416) 2282629 

General Inquiry (0416) 2281000

Appointment and Registration Here 

appointment can be made in two ways directly by reaching the hospital line which takes more time secondly by sitting at home and logging on www.cmch-vellore.in website. A password and user ID are provided on successful online registration. If you want to take it to the hospital and not stand in the queue for hundreds of diseases, if you want to see it privately, then you have to reach counter number 600 at the silver gate of the private patient facility center. If you want to show General A, then you have to appear at the Ida Sophia Scudder Centenary Center for Women and Children (ISSCC) gate at counter numbers 2, 3, and 4, then it is time to fill out the registration form, deposit money, take patient ID number, etc. New appointment private 900 Rs repeat appointment within 90 days 350 Rs . 800 Rs for re-seeing in another unit or department within 90 days If the patient wants to see another doctor then a separate consultation fee of 700 Rs has to be paid. 350 Rs for a re-visit within three months in the same department for any repeat appointment after 3 months 800 Rs currently once in a monthly fee 700 Rs for general patient new appointments 270 Rs for all types of repeat appointments 140 Rs after payment of all fees Patient ID card and Hospital number is given. Apart from private general, there is an Alpha clinic. If any private patient wants to be seen quickly, then he has to contact Alpha Clinic phone number 04262282299 here for the first time he has to pay 1765. (Including the cost of a second medical report within a week). 380Rs per visit for a second visit within three months. After 3 months 1 thousand 475 Rs no booking is done in alpha clinic only one-day booking is done. Emergency patients do not have to do so much. 

Test Report And Medical Report

You don't need to issue a prescription after the test report and medical report go to the doctor.  You have to request each doctor to issue a slip against which you have to pay and show the receipt to the concerned department office along with a registered post envelope if required. The department will send the report by post.  Note that if on the first visit, the doctor asks for a revisit after doing some tests, you will not get a slip for the medical report.

Only after the tests are done and you have revisited the doctor will you be eligible to get the medical report, doctor's comments, and test results.


Admission or admission procedure 

Outdoors, first, the junior then the senior doctor examines the patient, and then any specialist examines the patient as needed. If the doctor orders admission, take the admission slip to room 619 on the ground floor where you have to meet the CBMO, after depositing the money, the admission is confirmed. Private patients then have to wait until the beds are empty because the demand for private rooms is huge, in that case, the waiting time can be from a few days to a week. The patient must be informed at the time that he wants to be admitted to the general private room.


If Doctor uploads / books your tests while visiting the doctor REVIEW APPOINTMENT DATE ONLINE You can pay online or pay through their ATM counter and get the receipt from the printer attached to the ATM counter.

Chris Card Facility

Chris Card is a patient ID card used for all payments to avoid long queues. Please check the details about this facility on the website of CMC Vellore.

X-ray / MRI / Scan

If CMC doctors accept previous X-ray, MRI, and CT scan reports from our centers/ hospital stays they will give you a receipt for payment after which those films will be scanned and kept in their records online.


 Inpatient bed charge per day 

General ward 1 thousand 65 Rs / semi-private room in general ward 1 thousand 210 Rs / 8 bed with attached bath 1 thousand 290 Rs / Inpatient bed charge per day General Ward 1 thousand 65 Rs /Private room in General Ward 1 thousand 210 Rs / 4 bed with attached bath 1 thousand 290 Rs / Triple bed attached bath 1575 Rs / Double bed bath Rs 2415 / AC double room Rs 3935 / Non AC single bed Rs 3260 / Single room main block rupees 4 thousand 495 Rs / AC single bed Rs 5055 / Single bed corner room Rs 7415 / deluxe room 9100 rupees / private ac double bed 5 thousand 55 Rs / private single bed 7585 Rs. AC Private Deluxe Rs 9550 / CCU Rs 6506 / ITU Rs 6555.

Keep in mind that this bed charge changes from time to time. To know the approximate cost of treatment at CMCH Vellore, you can make it to the head of the department or the public relations department. In case of mandatory requirements, the OPD manager can be contacted in room number 52 on the ground floor. OPD reception help in room G12 can also be contacted. 

In the Cristiano Medical College Hospital built between 1927 and 1932 due to the abnormal increase in patient pressure, the authorities planned to open a new branch. Then by 2005, the construction of a new CMC hospital in Kannigappuram village of Rani Pet district was started. By 2016, a new hospital with 1500 beds was opened. Currently, apart from level 1 trauma care, several other departments have been brought from the main hospital to the Rani Pet campus. Construction work is still going on and once the entire campus is completed, some more departments will be shifted here.     

    Given the increasing number of patients, CMC Vellore opened another branch hospital in 2011 at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. 29 km from Vellore CMC Vellore has all the same services.

At present, there are about 45 thousand beds in eight campuses around the city of Vellore, but the number of patients is increasing day by day so it is not easy to see a doctor whenever you want. Due to the pressure of increasing diseases in CMC Vellore, there may be delays in getting an appointment and seeing a doctor. In that case, you can go to Narayani Hospital and Research Center.

Near CMC Hospital Vellore 2 mins walking distance a guest house arranged by Konnagar Municipality for room rent of Rs 700 per day, with cooking facilities. Interested persons can contact the head office of the municipality with an Aadhaar card.

Contact - 033-26740210

Konnogar Municipality Number -9123310240 / 9874715371


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