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What is eSanjeevani HWC Teleconsultation?
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What is eSanjeevani HWC Teleconsultation?

  • November 02, 2022

eSanjeevani - 

For the first time ever the government of India has taken an initiative for providing free medical consultation services to its Citizens online via the eSanjeevani Portal. In this article, we are going to mention all the important information regarding eSanjeevani and the name of the hospitals in West Bengal that provide these services.  


What is eSanjeevani? 

eSanjeevani is a portal for free medical OPD(outpatient) consultations services offered by the government of India to its Citizens.  

  • It comes under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme of the Government of India. 
  • The scheme was first started in November 2019.
  • It is Serviced by the State’s Doctors. 




Some Important Information on eSanjeevani - 

  1.  Payment - You don’t have to pay anything to anybody for using this National Service. It is totally free of cost. 
  2. Prescription- You will receive an e-prescription from your doctor after the consultation is over. 
  3. Requirements - You will only need a laptop or a personal computer with a web camera connected to Internet (1Mbps) to use eSanjeevaniOPD(open in chrome browser). In short, you will need a laptop or a PC and that must contain speakers, a microphone, a webcam, a Chrome browser, and a reliable Internet connection.
  4. Steps - The steps of eSanjeevani OPD include - 1. Registration 2. Token 3. Login 4. Waiting  5. Consultation 6. e-Prescription. 
  5. Update - Except for the name, age, and gender rest of the details like email ID, mobile number, and address can be updated by the user whenever they want to use eSanjeevani OPD.
  6. Validity of the Token - Token once generated will be valid till it is consumed, i.e. till the e-Prescription is generated after the teleconsultation. However, if the token is not used/consumed it will automatically expire at the end of the day.
  7. New Token - A new token cannot be generated until the existing token is used /consumed. Though the existing token can be canceled. 
  8. Health Records - At the time of Registration you can upload up to three digital health records. 
  9. Lose network Connection - You do not need to regenerate the token if you lose connectivity. Your token will remain valid till it has been consumed i.e. till the e-prescription has been generated.
  10. Token Expired - For only two reasons a token can get expired - 1. If you have completed the teleconsultation i.e. you have got the e-Prescription. 2. If You did not use the token till the end of the day.
  11. Register - You do not need to register every time you use eSanjeevani. You will only need to generate your token.
  12. Token Number - Your token number will be sent to you through SMS on the mobile number registered in eSanjeevani OPD.
  13. Forgot Patient ID- You can retrieve your Patient ID. Use eSanjeevani OPD’s forgot Patient ID service after clicking the Patient Login button. An SMS will be sent to your Number. Change accordingly.  
  14. Same Mobile Number-  You can use the same mobile number to register your other family member's name in the eSanjeevani OPD Portal.
  15. Mobile App - You can download the web app of eSanjeevani Portal from the Google Play Store and use it. It's almost similar. 



Steps of How to use eSanjeevani and consult a Doctor - 

Follow these steps to consult a Doctor- 
  1.  Verify your mobile number - Verify your Mobile Number using the OTP send to your Phone and Fill out the Patient Registration form. 
  2.  Generate Token after Registering - After the Registration is done, Request for Token. Upload the health records, if any. Then you will receive the Patient's Id and token through SMS. 
  3.  Login upon getting notification -  Wait for the SMS notification to log in. After getting it, log in with the patient ID. 
  4.  Wait for your turn & consult the doctor - Enter the "Waiting Room". The "Call Now" Button will get activated in some time. Initiate Video Call, your Doctor will show up. Consult your Doctor. 
  5.  Download the e-Prescription - You will get an instant e-Prescription, download it for future use. 


Hospitals of West Bengal that have eSanjeevani Services - 

There are Over 40 OPDs in India that are functional on the eSanjeevani Site, around 15 of these are specialized OPDs rest are General OPDs.


In the state of West Bengal, There are only two hospitals now, that have started to provide online consultation services through the eSanjeevani Portal. They are - 

  1. AIIMS, Kalyani.  
  2. ESI Joka, Kolkata. 


For further information, you can visit - https://esanjeevaniopd.in/

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