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AIIMS Kalyani OPD Appointment
Hospital Facilities

AIIMS Kalyani OPD Appointment

  • February 25, 2022

How To Book AIIMS Kalyani OPD Appointment?
AIIMS Hospital in Kalyani started its Outpatient Department in April 2021. In this article, we will discuss how to book an AIIMS Kalyani OPD Appointment in a more detailed way. Along with this, we will also discuss the step-by-step process of how to use the app AIIMS Kalyani Swasthya. A patient will also be able to know the available categories and their available days.

AIIMS Kalyani provides OPD consultation for the following categories:

Floor Wise All OPD List AIIMS Kalyani

Floor Wise All OPD List AIIMS Kalyani


1. Department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Floor - 1st Floor
Available Days - Monday - Wednesday - Friday

2. Department of Cardiology
This department deals with Cardio and its Surgery-related issues.
Floor - 1st Floor

3. Department of Dentistry
Best Dentists and Oral- maxillofacial Surgeons are available here to take of Dental and Oral Health Issues.
Floor - 4th
Available Days - Monday - Friday

4. Department of Dermatology
Top Skin Specialist doctors are available here to take care of skin-related issues.
Floor - 3rd
Available Days - Monday - Friday
Special Clinic - Psoriasis Clinic - Tuesday
Vitiligo - Friday
Child Care Clinic - Wednesday

Dermatologist Doctors List at AIIMS Kalyani

5. Department of Endocrinology
The best endocrinologists of AIIMS are available here to deal with Hormone-related issues.
Floor - 4th
Available Days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 

6. Department of ENT
ENT also known as Ear-Nose-Throat or Otorhinolaryngology department is available for consultation at AIIMS Kalyani OPD. A patient suffering from Ear, Nose, and Throat-related issues can visit here. Head and Neck surgery-related issues are also dealt with by the best ENT Surgeons in AIIMS Kalyani.
Floor - 2nd
Available Days - Monday - Friday
Special Clinic - Thursday


7. Department of General Medicine
Doctors of the General Medicine department deal with regular health problems.
Floor - 3rd
Available Days - Monday - Friday (8.00 AM - 11.00 AM)

8. Department of General Surgery
Top general surgeons of Kalyani AIIMS Hospital are available here for consultation at OPD.
Floor - 2nd
Available Days - Monday - Friday
Special Clinic - Breast Cancer Clinic - Wednesday

If a patient wants to see doctors at Breast Cancer Clinic, he/she doesn't need to book an appointment over the phone or online.

9. Department of Gastroenterology
This department deals with liver and gut-related issues. Top Gastroenterologists of West Bengal are available here for consultation at OPD.
Floor - 2nd
Available Days - Wednesday, Friday
Special Clinic - Gastroenterology - Wednesday
Hepatology(Liver Clinic) - Friday

Gastroenterology Doctors in AIIMS Kalyani

10. Department of Neuro Surgery
This department is supervised by top neurosurgeons of AIIMS Hospital, Kalyani. A patient will get consultation opportunities on Various kinds of Neuro and their surgery-related issues.
Floor - 3rd
Available Days - Tuesday - Thursday

11. Department of Nephrologist
Top Nephrologists are available here to deal with Kidney Related Issues.
Floor - 3rd
Available Days - Wednesday, Friday

12. Department of Orthopedics
The best orthopaedic surgeons in Kalyani are available here for consultation. This department provides consultation on Bones, Muscles, and Pain-Related Problems.
Floor - 4th
Available Days - Monday - Friday (8.00 AM - 11.00 AM)

13. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
This department deals with Gynecology and its related problems. A patient can visit this department for Pregnancy, Irregular Periods, PCOS, or related issues. Apart from that this department of AIIMS Kalyani OPD deals with cervical cancer screening.
Floor - 2nd
Available Days - Friday

14. Department of Ophthalmology
Best-in-class eye care facilities of Kalyani are available here at OPD of AIIMS Kalyani. Best Eye Specialist doctors and retina surgeons are available here for consultations.
Floor - 2nd
Available Days - Monday - Friday
Cataract Surgery, Retina Testing, Glaucoma Treatment, and Diabetic Retinopathy Checkups are available.


15. Department of Paediatrics 
This department deals with child healthcare-related issues. A child or newborn suffering from Digestive, Gastro, Allergy, Immunology, Genetics related problems can consult at this clinic.
Floor - 3rd
Available Days - Monday - Friday
Special Clinic - Paediatric Genetics - 1st & 3rd Tuesday
Paediatric Gastro - 3rd Wednesday
Paediatric Allergy & Immunology Clinic - Dialy
Paediatric Nephrology - Daily
Paediatric Neurology - Daily
Paediatric Endocrinology - 2nd Friday
Paediatric Adolescent - 4th Friday
Paediatric Haematology - Daily
Transition Clinic - 4th Friday

If a patient wants to see doctors at the Paediatric Department(Allow up to 14 Years), he/she doesn't need to book an appointment over the phone or online.

16. Department of Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry deals with psychology-related problems. Addiction treatment, Tobacco Cessation Clinic and mood Clinic are available here.
Floor - 3rd
Available Days - Monday - Saturday
Special clinic - Mood Clinic - Friday
Child and Adolescents Mental Health Clinic - Wednesday
TCC - Monday - Friday
ATC Clinic - Monday - Friday

17. Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care
This department at AIIMS Kalyani deals with patients, which are suffering from Pulmonary Diseases, Chest Infections etc.
Floor - 4th
Available Days - Monday - Friday
Special Clinic - Thursday

18. Department of Radiotherapy
AIIMS Hospital Kalyani Radiotherapy Department is providing consultations to Cancer Patients. Top Radio oncologists are available here to deal with Oncology and its related issues. 
Floor - 5th
Available Days - Monday - Friday(8.00 AM - 11.00 AM)

19. Department of Urology
This department deals with Urology and Andrology related problems.
Available Days - Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Even Two Years after opening patients are still struggling to get an appointment at AIIMS Kalyani OPD and yet to know the right way how to book an appointment in AIIMS Kalyani easily.

So, in this section, we will provide updated information about the AIIMS Kalyani OPD appointment booking process.
Follow-up Patients, Pediatric Patients and Breast Cancer Clinic Patients don't need to book an Appointment.

There are two ways a patient can book an appointment at the AIIMS Kalyani OPD department.


First - Over The Phone

AIIMS kalyani Hospital Phone Number - 033 2951 6005

A patient can dial and book his/her name easily between 10 AM -12 PM every day except Sunday.


However, the process is not simple as it sounds. The main reason is AIIMS is operating with limited slots at OPD. But the demand is huge so patients are getting few chances to book an appointment over the phone on the desired date or urgent basis. 

Thanks to the AIIMS Hospital authority they have thought about it and developed an alternative method to book an appointment through a mobile application. 


Second - Here we will discuss how to book AIIMS Kalyani OPD Appointment through the app AIIMS Kalyani Swasthya


Step 1. Download the App (Click Here)

Step 2. Enter Phone Number

Step 3. Enter Patient Details and Click on Register

Step 4. Click on Appointment

Step 5. Choose Department

Step 6. Choose Date (Patient will find the number of Available Slots) 

Step 7. Tap on Confirm to get an OPD Ticket


patient_details_form AIIMS_Kalyani_online_application Available_Departments Choose_date


After a successful Appointment patient will get a confirmation on the application. Later, a patient can check appointment status by entering the Appointment Status section of the application.

Here Patient will get two options

  1. Cancel Appointment
  2. Reschedule Appointment

Within a single id, a user can add multiple patients from add patient section. To book an appointment for more patients a user needs to tap on "Switch Patient". He/She will find all existing patient details here and book an appointment for them.

Hope this article will help a patient to get an appointment at AIIMS Kalyani OPD.

To see the real process please see the tutorial


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