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A Quick Guide - CMC Vellore
Hospital Facilities

A Quick Guide - CMC Vellore

  • March 27, 2022

Christian Medical College popularly known as CMC hospital in Vellore, is a private, Christian Community-Run Medical School, Hospital, and Research Institute. 

CMC is a nonprofitable organization located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. 

It was first established in the year 1900 by an American missionary, Dr. Ida S. Scudder.

Here in this article, we have tried to provide all necessary information about Appointment Booking, Location, Address, Where to stay? Chris Card facilities, etc. Before visiting the hospital just read this article once, and the patient will get easy access to all the facilities available in CMC Vellore.

As per data published CMC Vellore hospital approximately provides services to more than 9000 people every day. With its huge capacity of 3000+ beds, CMC Vellore provides multiple state-of-the-services under one roof.


CMC hospital Vellore address and contact number
CMC Vellore hospital address: Christian Medical College, Ida Scudder Road, Vellore -632004, Tamil Nadu, India.
CMC hospital Vellore contact number: 0416-2281000, +91 9498760000
Whatsapp Number: 9385285957
E-mail: callcentre@cmcvellore.ac.in
CMC Vellore official website - https://www.cmch-vellore.edu/
CMC Vellore location - Exact Location of CMC Vellore Hospital can be found on Google Map.


Chennai airport to Vellore CMC - The airport closest to Vellore is in Chennai. An airport bus will take you from the airport into the city from where you can take a taxi to the Central Railway station. Alternatively, you can go from the airport to the bus stand at Koyambedu.


Vellore hospital's nearest railway station is Katpadi. Autorickshaws, buses, and taxis are available at Katpadi station for the 7 km journey to the Hospital Campus. Buses from Chennai will bring you right into the center of the town of Vellore, within walking distance of the hospital CMC Vellore.

An expensive mode of transport from the airport in Chennai to Vellore is by taxi. This famous Vellore hospital also has a pick-up facility from the airport and railway station. The patient Party needs to give details of Flight or Train to hospital administrations to avail pickup facility.


No need to say about the modern and advanced treatments available here. Generally, whenever we get no other options in health care, we run to CMC Vellore. It is one of the most trusted Hospitals in India.

In the next section of the article, we will talk about doctors of CMC Vellore hospital

First, let's have a look at some of the Popular Doctors available CMC Vellore Doctor list-


1. Dr. Viji Samuel Thomson


2. Dr. Regi Thomas

CMC vellore ent doctors list

3. Dr. Amit Kumar Dutta


4. Dr. Anand Zachariah

Medicine Dept.

5. Dr. Ari G Chacko

Neuro Surgeon.

6. Dr. Siddharth Jain


7. Dr. Urmi Ghosh 

Pediatric Dept.

8. Dr. Kingsly Paul

Plastic Surgeon.

9. Dr. Sibu Simon


10. Dr. Renu George 


11. Dr. Simon Rajaratnam


12. Dr. Gautam Rajan


13. Dr. Sanjith Aaron


14. Dr. Ajit Sebastian

Gynaecology Oncology Dept.

15. Dr. Antony Devasia 


Now, We are going to provide all the answers to the important questions that generally come to our mind about Vellore Hospital, hope this may help you. 


Questions that come to our mind -


1. Where to stay?

2. Where to eat from?

3. How to make Payments?

4. Where to get the Medicines?

5. Whom to contact?

6. How to get Doctor's appointment in Vellore?

and many more silly questions.


Though they follow a correct and rigid process it's a little bit confusing. But, Don't Worry. Let's have a look at the answers to all the above questions, one by one.



If you know Hindi or English, You will not find any problem in communicating. But at present, 70% of patients are Bengalis(from Bangladesh and West Bengal). So, You won't find many problems communicating in Bengali.




Generally, there are two kinds of appointment-


1. General Appointment - If you want to visit a junior Doctor.


2. Private Appointment - If you want to visit the Senior Doctors.

Methods of Appointment -

In general, you can take appointments in both ways - Online and Offline. As we are going from Bengal, we have no one there, So we should take an online Appointment.


Online Appointment-

As there are always so many patients in Vellore Hospital, If you want to take a Private Appointment of any department, generally you will have to wait for 15 days to 3 months.


Offline Appointment-

When you enter the Main Gate of the Vellore Hospital, You will find " Silver Gate For New Appointment". Just tell them your problems, they will give you the appointment of the correct Department. In this method, no doubt, you would get the Private Appointment of any Department within 3 to 30 days.


Emergency Appointment-

For Emergency cases, there is a separate Emergency Department, go there, you will get to know the following process. 


General Appointment-

It can be done in both ways- Offline and Online. You would get the appointment within 1 to 3 days.


Which Department to choose?

If you take the appointment online, you need to choose the department correctly, otherwise, you will lose both - money and time. Let's take some examples- If you have an ear problem, choose ENT Dept., If you are a Cancer patient, choose Oncology, Hormone related issue, choose Endocrinology, and so on. 

If you are not able to choose, call the helpline number provided on their Website. Tell your problem, they would give you the Correct Department name.


Where to stay?

As there is always a high demand for rooms, We get to find a lot of various hotels here. The Prices of Double bed or Triple bed ranges from - Rs 150-200 to Rs 1500-2000. The rate of price starts decreasing as you move away from the Vellore Hospital. At a walking distance of about 7-8 min away from the Hospital, you would easily find rooms at a rate of Rs 200-250. You can just take a room for one day, and search for other good and affordable rooms as per your choice.



There are abundant Bengali Hotels, you can easily find food at a rate of Rs 40-60/ meal. You can also taste the South Indian Food, (but you won't be able to continue it after 3-4 days).


CMC Hospital Details-

In CMC, there are 3-4 main Buildings.


1. OPD Building (Out Door Patients)-

This is where you are checked by the Doctor. There are 5 floors, each with a specific work area.


Ground Floor-

This is where all the tests are done like - Blood tests, X-Ray, Urine tests, and so on. Take the paper slip on which Doctor has mentioned your Tests, and go to the Payment Cash Counter. 

Various modes of Payments are accepted here, like - Cash, Debit-Credit-ATM Card, CRISS Card, etc.(Everything is mentioned in detail below). 

On the payment slip, there will be the room no written, where you need to go. 

For eg- Blood tests - G20, X-ray - G11, etc.

Come on the first morning, stand in the queue, and do your necessary Tests. The Work starts at 6 am. Come at 5- 5:30 am for a fast.


First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor-

There are various Departments for Private and General, where you would find your required Doctors. It would be mentioned in your Appointment letter, where and on which floor you need to go.

For eg-

OPD Building Second Floor 210, report to MRO at 10:30 am.

Generally, if you are one hour late or fast, it won't create many problems.


Details of each floor of the OPD Building are given afterward.

2. ISSCC Building-

It is as important as OPD Building. It is where you get the New Appointment, Repeat Appointment, Pharmacy, CRISS Card, Cash Payment, and also Doctors practice on the upper floors.

New Appointment-

Generally, Counters 4-10, maintains the New Appointment, Tests, and any other Payments that are done through Cash. 

Repeat Appointment-

Counters 11-13 takes the responsibility for the Repeat Appointments. In this case, just tell the next date your Doctor informs you to meet. They will give the appointment.



Generally, CMC Vellore gives Medicines to patients for 3 months. You need to stand in the line for medicine after you made the payments.



If you make this Card, the CMC Vellore journey would be easy for you. You will get all help about the CRISS Card on Counter 402, just tell them -

Your Hospital Number(Patient ID). 

You have to debit Money on this Card earlier(Through Cash Transfer or ATM Transfer). 

You won't have to stand in a long queue to make payments, because CRISS Card Payment Counter is present almost everywhere. 


Appointment Date Change-


With the payment slip, stand on a line in front of the Help Desk at the ISSCC Building. It is a crowded place. If you inform them about your problem, they would help you to change your date. (If there are some vacancies then only it's possible).


3.. PMR Building-

It can be called a Physiotherapy Department. For Different types of equipment of Physiotherapies like Duplicate Breasts(Silicon Breast), shoe and many more such things, you need to visit here. PMR Building will be mentioned in your Payment Slip or Appointment Letter. 

4. Ward Building-

For the Surgery and the Treatment, Patients are admitted here. The place is so clean and hygienic, that you would feel at home. 

They generally focus on the process of Diagnosis. 

Many Tests are done. Then when the problem is caught, they start the proper treatment. (In this case, they are far better than Kolkata).


The Tests are done mainly in 3 areas.


OPD Building-

In most cases, Tests are done here. But for some specific tests like USG, it can take 3-4 days. So when you will talk with the Doctor, request him to transfer your Tests to ALPHA CLINIC. Your time would be saved. 


Emergency Patient-

For that case, emergency tests are done. You won't get any report of these tests. After the completion of the test, the report would move to your Hospital Copy and your Specific Doctor. So there is no problem. If you want to get the report you need to apply for it separately.


Now, The Detail of each Floor in the OPD Building -

1. Basement

B10 Medical Records Dept.

B20 Ortho OPD


B36 Plaster Room(Ortho)

B40 Paediatric Ortho OPD


2. Ground Floor-

G1 Radiotherapy OPD 

G11 X-Ray

G11A Radiology

Appointment Counter

G13 Pharmacy

G20 Blood Collection Area

Pharmacy Cash

Counter (1-4)
Cash Counter(5-9)

G21 Urine/ Stool/ Sputum Collection Area

G41 DOTS Clinic

G43 Dressing Room

G51 ECG Room

G52 Out Patients Service Office


3. 1st Floor-

101 Rheumatology OPD

101 PCF(Private Consultation Facility)

110 Epilepsy Clinic

Gastroenterology OPD

 GEC/Hepat Medical Report


110 Medical Oncology

110 Neurology and Neuro Surgery

110 Thoracic Surgery OPD

111 Endo Diabetic Clinic

111 Endocrinology OPD

111 Pituitary Clinic

111 Pulmonary Medicine OPD

120 Cardio OPD

121 Diet Clinic

125 Palliative Care

127 Anaesthesia Clinic

130 Dental OPD


4.. 2nd Floor-

210 IDRC

210 Medicine OPD

220 Cosmetic Clinic

220 Dermatology OPD

220 Hansen's Disease Clinic

220 Paediatric Dermatology Clinic

250 Andrology Clinic

250 Infectious Disease Clinic(ID Clinic)

250 Medical Genetics OPD

250 Urology OPD


5. 3rd Floor-

310 Surgery OPD

310 Plastic Surgery

320 Audio Vestibular Clinic(AVC)

320 Cochlear Implant Clinic

320 Endoscopy (ENT)


320 Paediatric ENT

340 Nephrology OPD

340 Voice Clinic


What is OPAD?

It's a Card for Advanced Payment for your outpatient expenses. 


About OPAD-


1. The maximum balance that you can keep on your card is Rs 20,000.

2. Every Patient will have a separate Card. That is "One Patient One Card".

3. Hospital Number Card is mandatory at all Entrances, Cash Counters, and Service Areas.


How to Deposit in OPAD-


1. Deposit at CMC Payment Counters through Cash or Debit Card only. Credit Card or Net Banking is not accepted.

2. Produce your Hospital Number Card at CMC payment counters with your valid Govt. ID Proof. (Aadhar, PAN, Voter ID, Passports, etc.) for Reference.

3. Keep all the deposit cash receipts properly for future references and refunds.


Duplicate Card-

You can get a Duplicate Card by Paying Rs 100 along with the original Govt. ID Proof.





To get Refunds, Provide your original deposit cash receipts with your valid Govt. ID Proof.

1. When the amount is below Rs 2000 - Go to ISSCC Building, Ground Floor, Cash Counter No- 2,3,4

.2. When the amount is above Rs 2000 - Go to 105 Billing Section, Main Building, 1st Floor.


Advantage of having OPAD-


1. If you have a sufficient balance on your card, you won't need to stand in a long queue to make payments.

2. You need not carry a huge amount of money on the premises.

3. You can take refund the unspent balance at the end of treatment.

and so on.


Extra Information-

1. Online Appointments are available through Debit Card, Credit Card, or Net Banking. Visit site - www.cmch-vellore.edu

2. Download CMC Mobile App to make payments quickly.

3. Please beware of fraud. Don't Pay an extra amount to anyone outside. 

4. Do not Contact anyone outside for appointments.



For Enquiry, Contact-


1. Reception, ISSCC Building - 401, 402.

2. Reception OPD Block G-12.



A few helpful information for Swasthya Sathi Card Holders.


Is Swasthya Sathi applicable for CMC Vellore?

Yes, Swasthya Sathi Card is accepted at CMC Vellore.


How can a patient apply for Swasthya Sathi benefits at CMC Vellore?

The process is easy, West Bengal Govt. has created a simple Online process for patients who wants to avail Swasthya Sathi Card Benefits Outside West Bengal.

Click Here to Register for Treatment in Hospital(s) Located Outside of West Bengal


For Swasthya Sathi card hospital list Kolkata Click Here

We hope a patient will find this article useful.

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